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Versatec Shelving System

A Versatile Lockable Shelving System

Ideal for Shared Community Areas

A truly versatile and workable space for multi-use areas.

Children’s areas can be made to look stunning with graphics, when opened to draw their attention.  When closed can reflect the community area.

The Versatec system is unique as a fold away system, ideal for a multi function space. All other features are what you would expect from a 0 Point Eight system.

Fully adjustable shelves, 2 way, easy to flip over to display larger hardback or smaller paperback books.

Shelves able to be set at an angle to display books spine up. This helps with presentation particularly at lower levels to aid DDA compliance.

Where our Versatec system differs from our other ranges is that the wall units are hinged so that they lock shut, creating spaces into which island units can be slotted and then also locked into place.

This means that the entire library stock is secured around the perimeter of the room, leaving space in the centre for other activities.

This makes this system perfect for a community library where space is required for a range of activities, a school where space is a premium and there is no dedicated library space.