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Public Libraries

Library design must be sensitive to creating beacons of civic pride, with the library having a pivotal role in promoting greater social cohesion and a strong sense of local identity.

Today's libraries should be as individual as the people who use them, and at 0 Point Eight we manufacture a wide choice of furniture products from the traditional to the contemporary; enabling each evnironment to be created to exactly suit the style of any library.

Our shelving and furniture is not only built to stand up to the rigours of a busy library but also incorporates many unique features that give you the ability to adapt quickly to changing demands.  When it comes to every aspect of library design, we've got it covered:

  • Library Shelving
  • Counters & Pods
  • Reception Counters
  • Quick Pick Units
  • Seating
  • Graphics & Signage
  • Study Areas
  • Learning Resource Areas
  • Display Areas